Terms and Conditions

Thank you for your interest in posting content with WeThought! We aim to accommodate the views of as many people, of as many backgrounds as possible and you can help with this aim. Please see our terms and post formatting advice below. 

Terms (As of 02/11/2020) 

1. By submitting a post you agree for us to publish your work on our site and give consent for us to use this content on social media and in other marketing formats. 


2. You confirm that any images used are your own, or you have the rights to use them. 


3. You confirm that all views represented are your own, aside from quotations, and that these views do not break any laws in being considered libellous or slanderous. Unfounded personal attacks will not be permitted. 

4. You remain the proprietor of your work and where possible, if desired, posts can be amended or removed at the proprietors request. Not contrary to the previous point, you give permission for WeThought staff to amend post content and images if copyright infringement or plagiarism is made aware to us. Any changes made will be conveyed to the proprietor. 

5. You confirm that submission of any works is voluntary and confers no monetary compensation. 

Posting Advice


1. The blog function currently doesn't accommodate tables, however if these are compact enough they can be posted as screenshots. 

2. Not all word formatting translates directly over from MS Word so we may have to adapt certain aspects to fit the blog. If this happens we will convey this to you.